You mean there’s pie?

I’ve never found the original text of the NPR story we heard one Thanksgiving, but it included a conversation around a dinner table that went like:

Pie? You mean there’s pie?

I couldn’t let you come over without having pie. Someone might find out that I didn’t make any pie.

So when the in-laws were scheduled to come for dinner, I asked the kids if we ought to make dessert. My younger son of course said, “You mean there’s pie?” He loves pie, so we scavenged the pantry for supplies. We had a short 20 minutes before our guests arrived. We came up with:

chocolate pie

I quick made a graham cracker crust, “G” of GAIN made chocolate pudding. I poured in some toffee chips then filled the crust. We didn’t have whipped cream, but sprinkled the remaining chips on top before serving. It was the best unplanned dessert ever.


2 thoughts on “You mean there’s pie?”

    1. We happened to have a box of pudding from grandma’s house — she had left it with us. However, I have a fantastic corn starch pudding recipe that I can surely share here.

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