What I’ve learned from photographing my outfits

I started photographing my outfits back in January to see if I really was well-dressed.

I wasn’t.

I didn’t post regularly here, but I photographed my outfits almost every day that I worked in March. I found it to be a very interesting and helpful exercise. I grouped skirt outfits together and the pants outfits together. I compared them to each other to use a particular skirt/pant paired with different tops.

skirt outfits
I kind of hate wearing superhero boots, but they’re so practical.
pant outfits
Pant outfits from March 2014

Looking at photographs after the fact helped me see what items of clothing helped me look better or worse. Almost every day, I dress and look in the mirror and leave with the thought that I look OK, but then I see the photo and whoa! Maybe it’s the distance between me and my home mirror compared to me and my work mirror, but when I look over the photos each week, I definitely question some of my choices!

Some clothes are flattering, some require a particular accompanying item to make them work, etc. This has been a very useful exercise in my opinion. I’ve removed a couple things from my dresser because of this exercise. And I’m not typing my life away every morning at a job, so I feel that I can start wearing scarves and bracelets more frequently. I have also keep something in the back of my mind that I heard at Victoria’s Secret:

Flared, or boot cut, yoga pants are a Midwest thing, and probably will be obsoleted by the company soon.

Leave a comment: Do you wear yoga pants? If so, what style (bootcut, cropped, leggings that are tight at the ankle, etc.) and why?

2 thoughts on “What I’ve learned from photographing my outfits”

  1. straight leg yoga pants for running, work (childcare at home) & weekend lounging/errands just around my hometown. not for a day spent in the city or if I worked out of the house. IMO

  2. I have two pairs of flared yoga pants; I have several pairs leggings. I’ve noticed that dark colors are better than light ones for hiding those body issues I don’t want to see. I’m decreasing my use of the flared to see if I can handle going without them.

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