Powder room: the home stretch

Hooray! We have a functioning powder room on the first floor. Take a look.

First, the door.
finished door

I declared white trim a while ago, so what better time to get a new door? I’ll paint it white and we’ll get some trim around it soon. Better to have privacy with an unpainted door than go without privacy because the door isn’t ready yet. Mr. TellBlast really wanted panels that weren’t raised, but flat. (We ordered matching bifold doors for the laundry area.)

Open the door and here is what you see — our funny corner toilet. I’ve been in only one other house with a corner toilet, and it was an historic house near the Missouri River.

finished red wall

Our vanity was a cheap, big box standard package that came with a sink. Mr. TellBlast really wanted drawers for efficient use of vertical space, so that’s what we got. We have much more storage space than before. And it turns out that the vanity cabinet panels match the door panels, too. They are flat. You can’t tell here, but the faucet, paper holder, and towel bar all match.

finished vanity

The fixtures have a brushed nickel finish, except for the light. It has both polished and brushed. I also had to buy a new mirror. It is very similar to our old one, which is now too large. It will most likely find a new home in the living room.

See the shelves in that niche? We took out an old medicine cabinet and made this shelf for the niche left behind. I’m checking it for fit here. It fit, first time! Yes, my husband and I are that good.

finished niche

Made of scraps from the garage, between the two of us, we probably spent one hour cutting and fastening the pieces. Free and one hour construction is perfect!

niche unpainted

The leftmost knot in the back wall is a hole, and we couldn’t cut the hole away. My plan is to put paper over it. I’d like it to be patterned.

niche julia painting

I’ll need two coats of paint. Once it’s in its niche, we’ll fasten some trim around it to make a “frame” that showcases it and keep it secure in the wall. I’m not sure what we’ll put on the shelves. I’m fairly new to decorating.

niche painted one coat

What’s left?

  • paint trim and install it around the door
  • remove, paint, and re-place the door
  • finish niche
  • cut the toilet’s bolts and cover the ends

The toilet was the most difficult part to deal with. The pipe where it attaches was very crooked, just like the floor. It took three tries to get it right.

Overall, I am very happy with the result. Have you ever madeover a powder room?

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