Dining room chairs

The designer asked what furniture pieces we wanted to keep or liked. We like our dining room table, but HATE the matching chairs. They haven’t stood up to the use we require, despite repairs. They simply are not heavy or solid. But they match the table. In my efforts to look coordinated (my word from the quick consultation), I knew that I would not find six matching chairs that looked like they went with the table to replace our old chairs. So I choose the eclectic approach — unmatching chairs.

dining room chairs original small

To make them coordinate, I painted them black and gave the same fabric to the seat.

dining chairs juia sanding crop
I considered stripping the chairs, but decided I would do that only for light colored paint. I sanded, wiped them clean, and moved through a few cans of paint.

The chairs looked like a coordinated ensemble quickly.

So I still haven't found my sixth chair. I'm a little sad about that, because I'm all about being done quickly.
So I still haven’t found my sixth chair. I’m a little sad about that, because I’m all about being done quickly.

I went fabric shopping over Memorial Day Weekend. My main requirement was a non-linear pattern, which gives me freedom from precision. (Precision slows me down.) Before I could put the fabric on, I had to take the old fabric off to make a pattern. Like our wallpaper, I found two layers of fabric on a couple of the chairs.

dining chair fabric layers
I feel like the needlepoint floral layer needs to be framed as an homage to all the work needed to make it. Under the floral layer was another floral. The fabric I chose is on the right — a larger, bolder and abstracted floral.

A finished chair — I added a layer of 2″ foam — in the garage because it’s waiting for the hardwood flooring to be installed.

dining chair with fabric


I can’t wait to use the new chairs in my made-over dining room!

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