Filling the backyard without beehives

When I stand at the kitchen sink and look out my window, I feel lonely because there are no full hives in my backyard. I thought I’d fill it with something else tall, like these posts from the pile of scrapped treehouse members against our fence.

4 x 4 posts in juliecache's backyard

I thought I might want to put solar lights on them, like the two I have in the front yard, but decided to go with bird feeding dish and bird bath. I bought two planter dishes for just under $5 each. I chose the kind with ribbing for strength, and drilled holes in the feeder dish to let rain water out.

dish ribbing
First round of holes shown here. They are not large enough, so if you do this project, use 1/4″ not 1/8″.

Here is a bird eating! The birds came pretty quickly. I still have my ground feeders coming to my pile of seed on the patio — the mourning doves, etc. The watering dish is pretty popular, too. It has some rocks for perches when the water level is high, like after a rain. I clean it out every now and then.

4 x 4 in place bird corrected


I also added a tiny observation hive on the ground near the feeding dish. The glass sides are great! I found that building these three backyard elements was faster than shopping for things that the stores don’t have. What have you crafted lately?

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