The awesome is coming. Somewhere. Sometime.

The work never stops. I suppose that is part of having a house.

DIY updating the house
Filling cracks, smoothing abrasions, covering dents left by nail heads, then sanding it all away.

It’s been difficult for us to get a trustworthy contractor to commit to working here. I don’t know if our projects are too small to bother with, but it’s very discouraging to have someone visit, converse nicely, then never receive a written estimate, and never return calls and emails.

So…I was overjoyed to have pros put our trim work up. I am now finishing getting it finished. I started earlier this month. “N” of GAIN assisted one day, and it is tedious work.

But doesn’t it look fabulous? Very fulfilling to put this part of the house to rest.

painting the trim (4) hallway shot
I am a huge fan of our new white trim. Having the trim installed and finished correctly improves my morale about the house.
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