A week of making home

I was able to stay home all week recently, which meant:

two new recipes

They both went over very well.

We tried Slow Cooker Balsamic Glazed Roast Beef one night. It’s sweet rather than savory, and a glaze rather than a thick gravy —  a good change for us.

We had Breadsticks from The Homemade Pantry another night. (I reviewed the book a while back.)

homemade breadsticks
I used poppyseeds in our dough.


homemade bread sticks
Taking the dough from ball to stick took a while.

The time spent on this recipe was very worthwhile. As the author states, these are like crackers…

but the form is more fun.

breadsticks cooling
Cooling. Hard to wait.
bread sticks in mason jars
Presentation is everything.

What new recipe have you tried recently?

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