Year in review: 2014 Personal development

I saw many changes this year. I had no idea until I began thinking over coffee one morning. I’m sure you’ve all felt the same way, a thought that goes something like — “Wow, I really did do stuff in one year. I impress myself.” Here are some things that I did.

  1. I did a daily review of my outfits. I found it very helpful.
  2. I saved tens of thousands of bees. Since I lost my Younkers relocation post, here is a photo:

    blog 6
    I’m in a lift with Mr. TellBlast, three stories above the ground!
  3. I had a couple technology upgrades — a new laptop at Halloween and a smart phone at Christmas.

    julia smart phone christmas 2014
    Still working on proficiency. Long fingernails aren’t great for typing on this thing.
  4. I acted like a grown up and had office jobs. The first was being a product engineer for nine months, the second is currently being a loan servicing specialist which I’m estimating will last six months. I definitely have learned many things about office environments by observing many interactions with others. I would say that being older, confident, and assertive are good qualities.

    Cubicles. Not real stimulating, but the people were generally really great.
    Cubicles. Not real stimulating, but the people were generally really great. Moving desks four times in nine months, however, was not really great.
  5. I also worked on my house. Shocking, I know. The first floor’s flooring was the focus. Mr. TellBlast and I worked right up until Christmas Eve laying tile in the laundry area. I looooove it. We waited for a long time to finish it, and it was generally easy. Having the garden hose would have been nice, but being winter and all, I felt OK declaring 5 gallon buckets as consumable.
  6. I used my technology skills to help a couple non-profit groups. When I feel strongly about a group’s mission, it’s easy to work. I created and maintained websites and managed social media. Outside of working with awesome organizations, the best part for me was the temporary part. I know some people freak out when there is no stability or a known endpoint, but to me, that’s part of the fun of it. Or I have a commitment problem. Maybe it’s more of an attention issue. Hmmmm. I’ll have to think about that more. Or not.
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