P52 :: Week of Feb. 8, 2015 :: Pouring

bulk honeyI moved honey from the storage bucket to the gated bucket. The honey gate allows for easier pouring into small jars. This process is called ‘bottling’ even if I am  not using bottles, but jars, jugs, and plastic bears. I am OK with the word bottling — ‘jarring’ and ‘canning’ really don’t quite fit.

Anyway, it is difficult to see here, but the gated bucket has a food grade filter set on the rim. The honey passes through the filter to catch any wax, etc. that happened to make it into storate. It’s also probably difficult to see the filter because of the angle I have — I was holding the top bucket with one hand and the camera with the other hand. My hands were sticky and I was trying to position myself well while keeping the honey stream under control (off the floor). The camera is still sticky as a matter of fact.

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