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bifold doors
Will our house ever look like it’s finished?


We didn’t remodel here, but we have updated this room. Behind these doors are my washing machine, dryer, and a set of shelves that Mr. TellBlast made for me (we have that magic garage full of supplies and tools, you know). I now have new bifold doors! Who knew that doors could bring pleasure? They will be painted white, along with trim for the opening, once the weather warms up. Our other new first floor doors will also be painted white.

When we first moved into the house, a set of bifold doors was here. They were a medium wood stain and shuttered, and kept coming out of the tracks. They were quickly removed. Since I really didn’t like looking at my laundry area, I eventually put a spring rod and a set of drapes across the opening. Now we have doors again.

Benefits to having these doors include significant noise and heat loss reduction. Our washer and dryer are fairly quiet, but now we barely hear them. And since it’s winter, there’s always a draft, but we can’t really feel it unless we open the laundry closet doors. If we leave the house for an extended period of time over the winter, we’ll have to leave these doors opened to prevent frozen pipes.

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