Busy as a bee this summer

In addition to working a day job and maintaining standards at home, like a home-cooked dinner and swept floors and clean toilet bowls (all quite mundane), I have had a few adventures this year.

We went to Iowa’s first state park, Backbone. I’d wanted to visit for years because it was highly recommended. Several new things for me with respect to flora and geology. Loved it.

Isn’t that beekeeping club t-shirt cute on her?

My father-in-law passed away, which led to a peaceful visit up north to “God’s Country.” It was pleasant after a very intense month.

pano gods country

There was also an element or two of fun on the way back:

This phone really worked.
This phone really worked.

However, the trip, in combination with the weather immediately afterward, meant that I was neglecting the queen bees that I installed. I couldn’t give them the attention they needed, and the colonies failed to release them. But I got three new colonies started, including this one, which went to a friend’s bee yard:

corn crib honey bees
If you can’t see the bees, that’s because we’re blocking your view. I chose this image for the drama.
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