Mulberry syrup revisited

I decided to make our year’s supply of mulberry syrup with the chinois this year.

I started with some berry picking:

mulberries brighter
I like to add a few underripe berries to encourage thickening.
red and black mulberries
Harvesting from three trees. The pale mulberries are ripe! I could tell because they fell off the tree easily and they tasted sweet (and I remembered from years past). Must be a different variety.

I used the chinois for juicing this year. I ended up with some seeds going through the holes, but I feel that the chinois gave better results than a squeezing a juice bag. I strained the seedy juice with a fine mesh sieve.

chinois mulberries
My father-in-law gave me this and was happy that someone could use it.

I had some syrup left from 2014, so I made sure to fill a few pint and jelly jars for gifts this year.

mulberry syrup jars

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