Inside a hive: the good, the bad, and the ugly

In Iowa, we get free hive inspections from the state. One of the field inspectors came the other day upon request. We found some good (actually really great) looking brood pattern in one hive.

FAO east brood pattern
Gorgeous brood pattern. Love love love it.

And we saw some bad. This is why I called for a state inspection: depressed caps with holes indicate European Foul Brood. The brood was also discolored and slightly ropy, but appeared in small amounts.

Clean your hive tools after each inspection, folks!

We also found some ugly. In the EFB hive, we also found very uneven comb and spotty brood. We did not see a queen or eggs in this bee hive.

uneven comb
I find bees so annoying when they don’t follow the books that I read. Is there a bee whisperer?
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