kind of like a deskie or selfie or a peek into my jewelry box

I thought it might be fun to see what I keep on my top shelf. I didn’t straighten it before I took this. Just a little window into my world. I do deskies every and then, but I thought I’d change it up a bit. Near my desk is my ‘landing area,’ the top of a set of shelves that I got from Target. I like keeping my purse here. It’s handy.

I have a white tray to keep my stuff organized — it’s a tray from Pandora that I pulled out of a trash pile at the mall where I work. It’s perfect for me with its small, medium, and large dividers as well as ‘ring’ slots. I can wedge images and cards along the back ring slots, and have places for my lip pencil sharpener and some buckeyes in the small dividers. In the large divider, I have my phone stand from my ISG days. Keys and overflow from my purse (hand sanitizer, purse hanger, chewing gum, and business cards that I’m not sure how to manage) go in the medium dividers. The front edge’s small dividers are great for my art pencil sharpener and eraser, ID tag leash, and the ring slot is like a printers’ tray for my metal typed name. Some times I put coins in the ring slots. I made the metal typed name at the Iowa State Fair and it reminds me of my grandmother’s printers’ tray, hanging on the wall in her hallway, holding a metal type of her name.

I also keep my reading list active since I pass this shelf many times every day.

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