Continuing education

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What do you want to learn about? Here we are learning about overwintering honey bees.

I love learning new things.

I have curiosity about many topics.

When I was homeschooling my kids, I went to conferences and meetings to learn about teaching effectively. I read online materials to support my quest for teacher-created materials and lessons. For example, we had many national food production boards send us helpful things.

I’m not homeschooling currently, but I am still learning. When I have a job with a corporation, I take all the trainings that I can. When I freelance, I read and attend webinars to increase my chances of success. I learned in my very early married life to have a self-improvement book going at all times. As I attended more homeschooling meetings, I learned to keep three books going at all times: a la Charlotte Mason, it’s good to have a stiff book, a learning book, and an easy pleasure book.

What have you learned lately?

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