Handmade Holidays: Tiny Sweaters

My mother started a Christmas ornament collection for me when I was less than a year old. Every year she would add to it, and my grandparents also contributed. When I married and had my own Christmas tree, I had a large set of ornaments ready to go. My mother was smart.

I’ve given my children a Christmas ornament every year since they were born, too. This year, I made a knitted sweater ornament for everyone, including my husband. I also made little hangers. I used size 1 needles and sock yarn.
tiny sweater, knitting, handmade

tiny sweaters 2015 v neck
Read on for the story on this sweater.

I made this v-neck sweater and thought it looked too short. I read the pattern multiple times to check and re-check. The pattern photo has one more cable than my sweater. Because I didn’t feel confident about its look, I replaced it with the sweater with three ribs, shown in the bottom row below. Everyone chose from this collection:

tiny sweaters, christmas

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