Keeping up with Julia

What have I been doing? I feel more like the question ought to be, “What haven’t I been doing?”

I am certainly keeping busy. To begin this post, I’ll show you my adult coloring page. My group therapy for Emotional Intensity Disorder includes the option to color. I thought that was quite a conincidence since I had already purchased coloring books for my young adult children. I have not finished this page yet, by the way.

coloring progress

Bees are also on my mind. When my oldest left for college, I inherited her bee hive. I have created a website that lists pertinent ordinances for Iowa cities — I’ve also been involved in the passage of a municipal code change to allow bee hives in my city (see the Iowa Honey Producers Association District rep and city staff below). I also continue to care for my bees, and end up with humorous (to me) situations like feeders and spare mouse guards in my kitchen sink for cleaning.bee city march 2016

Two fellow beekeepers and I have been trying to get education gigs, and we landed an event for National Agriculture Day. I think the honey  producers were the only true ag group present. I also supplied our maple tap and spare hive for Abundant Design’s booth at the Home and Outdoor Living Show. During my visit to the booth, I got to talk to a prospective bee keeper!
bee collage march 2016

Lastly, I have loving the change of seasons! My snowdrops were up in February, my crocuses (see below) are up, the lilacs are budding — I love it! I also grafted two apple trees. Abundant Design hosted a grafting workshop and seed swap. I wasn’t able to get the trees in the ground for a day, so again, I humor myself — trees next to the jelly jars. Every day thing around here.

crocus apple graft tree collage

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