Painting party!

One of my groups had a wrap-up of a season/kick-off to a season recently. We sipped and painted.

julia painting background

The model is on the left, from Creative Spirits, and my final product is on the right:

julia painting finished old rugged cross model

I have my painting setting across from my desk. It’s on the floor, but intended to hang in the powder room. I chose colors specifically for that room, and they definitely fit well when I lean it against the wall, but I feel the need to eliminate some negative space in the lower right quadrant of my canvas. I used chalk to test the placement and size of the lettering, but I’m not happy with it.

Like I told my art students (I subbed all grades of art last spring), I can see the overall picture best when I step away. However, our party was outdoors, and it was dark by the time I got to the lettering!

Luckily, I have acrylic paint and many brushes at home. At first, I thought the horizontal member of my cross was too much with the dark line and white dots, but I think it’s grown on me. I love my streaky background, and I am glad that I mixed the colors to their values and used a silver top coat. I’m still thinking about that quadrant and how to fill it.

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