No Spend September Update

I am two weeks into No Spend September and I think it’s going well.

I’ve unsubscribed to a few retail stores’ emails to keep my temptation low.

I forgot that I wasn’t spending money for a hair cut until I got out of the car.

I also had a dilemma about stocking up on perishable strawberries. I would normally buy a few packages, process, then freeze at home. I felt like I couldn’t do that during No Spend September as I was not using strawberries in a meal and they weren’t a necessity. They would just refill my freezer, which would counteract the goal — I am trying to get an empty freezer! Passing up this opportunity hurts a little.

I think I may be an under $50 consumer. In other words, I’m not a regular, big consumer of items $50, but someone who frequently buys small ticket items.

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