What beekeepers do when it’s cold out

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See all the sticky notes hanging outside the edges?

When the weather turns cold, I think about caring for my bees. All year long, I add bookmarks to my magazines — things to remember for next year, an interesting topic that isn’t my main focus but still worth a read when I have more time, something to pass on to another beekeeper, and especially things that I can use to keep my beekeeping class materials up to date.

New research, new products to consider, etc. are all fair game for including in my class materials. My materials have to change because the bees’ world is changing and the approaches to dealing with that world is also changing. How well will I be heard if I stand at the orator’s perch on the town square when everyone is now driving to the suburbs and using their personal devices to hear new ideas? It’s only fair to my students to give them twenty-first century tools in our current state of affairs.

What new practice or piece of beekeeping information are you mulling right now?

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