Girl logic :: what I think before I eat a piece of pizza

I listened to It’s Been a Minute, the one where Sam Sanders interviews Iliza Shlesinger about Girl Logic. (Find the podcast at Iliza relates everything to pizza to keep things relate-able. Like Sam, I have always been amazed at how few thoughts men tend to have and how many women tend to have. So different.

Do you know how many thoughts I have before I eat pizza? A lot. I’ll share.

  • what toppings are on it?
  • are there paper towels? If it’s pepperoni, I’ll need to wipe all the oil off before I take a bite.
  • where is it from? I might have to pass, depending on where it came from.
  • what kind of crust?
  • did I exercise today?
  • do I have time slated for the gym later this week?
  • will I look like a glutton if I eat this?
  • can I look respectable/cute/etc. and eat pizza?
  • would eating pizza be a good or bad example for my kids?
  • what will people think if they see that I’m eating pizza?
  • is there any lact-aid around here?
  • am i even hungry?
  • how much did the farmers get paid?
  • if I eat pizza, how much would be appropriate?
  • will my clothes be able to withstand a grease spot? argh, all my clothes have grease spots….
  • am I wearing something dark in case I get sauce on myself?
  • is it hot? will I need a fork?
  • should someone else eat before me?

What are your thoughts before you eat pizza?

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