Winter geocaching

When the days get longer, I like to hunt for geocaches. In fact, this website began as a geocaching blog. I’m at 269 finds to date. I thought I would share some fun things that I spotted today. Because of all the melting, I went to caches that wouldn’t require bushwhacking or much off-trail work. There were some fun snow men. Here are the remains of one (and a fort).

I found a ladybug rock while in pursuit of another cache. I know that painting and leaving rocks in places used to be a thing. I can’t remember what it was called. I didn’t snap a photo of the underside, but there was some sort of code on the bottom of this one. Like LFL 7567 – three letters and 4 digits. There was also a symbol above the code, but it was not whole.

Can you see the rock on the bench?

Come closer….

My hand for scale…If you can shed some light on this rock, or any painted rocks that are left for people to find, leave a comment.

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