June Journal 06/06/2018

Today’s snippet:

She was amazed to find new views ~ even from the lowest places.

june journal
My scanner takes 8 1/2″ x 11″ but my sketchbook is 9″ x 12″ 🙁

Today’s decision: How to draw this

Speaking to me was “lowest places” and “new views.” To me, the lowest place means water. I wanted to have the lowest place be water. What would the new view be from this low elevation?

I could have drawn kids looking through an underwater viewer. We homeschooled for years and years, and one thing that I considered, but don’t remember doing, was cutting the top and bottom off a quart milk carton, putting plastic wrap on one end with a rubber band, sticking it in the water and looking through it. Too much to keep it under 20 minutes.

I could have drawn the view through the underwater viewer. Not relatable.

I thought about a tadpole in someone’s hand. Not a new view.

I could have drawn someone’s face, from a perspective under the water’s surface. But I’m realistic. This image would take more than 20 minutes.

When I shared today’s snippet, “I” of GAIN didn’t consider water. Her first thought was lying on your back and seeing trees and clouds.

I translated her idea into something I could make in 10 – 15 minutes — someone lying near the water. You can’t see all the scrubby vegetation and scouring rushes that I drew in, but I put them in there to add context. Scouring rush was “N” of GAIN’s favorite plant for a while. Pioneers used them to scour pots and pans.

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