June Journal 06/08/2018

foster cat
Isn’t she adorable?

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I did not have a June Journal the other day. I swapped my 20 minute journal time to get this foster kitten.

She and a sibling were found in the middle of a street; the sibling had been hit by a car, and didn’t make it. This cat is about 11 weeks old and I give her three medicines, twice a day, staggered. I’m pretty sure her upper respiratory infection will go away. I’m not sure if her cloudy eyes will go away. She definitely acts like a blind, cautious cat. I am pretty confident that she has a better life with at our house than at the shelter.

Now for the latest June Journal: She sealed the airlock. No memories would swim with her.

This might be hard to understand unless you know what an airlock looks like.

There are many variations of the airlock. I am showing an airlock used to make fermented foods. Somehow I seem to go to food.


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