June Journal 06/10/2018

The snippet was:

She scooped the little white bird from the tall grass

june journal

I had many ideas for this one, and I ended up really wanting to draw from the perspective of the bird, but that was going to take me longer than 5 minutes. I thought I’d put aside 20 minutes for each journal, but I did three all in one day! 3 journals x 5 minutes = 15 minutes total and that’s all I wanted to expend. June 10, 11, and 12 all happened one after the other. Quick decision, quick sketches, and I felt great.

This has been a good exercise for me — setting aside time in the morning for daily readings, and time in the evening for drawing. OK, sometimes I do day drawing. But for a practice, maybe I could focus on the once a day drawing.

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