June Journal 06/14/2018

Note: I put June Journal images on my Instagram fairly quick. I take a while longer to resize and write about the snippet on my website (that’s where you are  now).

Today’s snippet:

Today, a rock told me I am enough.

june journal
Deciding to not go back and fix things — I struggle with it a little, but mostly, it’s been a good decision.

I thought of all the great and magnificent and meaningful rocks that I’ve encountered. I could have gone with a silly pet rock with googly eyes talking to me, but seriously. Rocks have been in my life, all my life. Specimens from the collection I gathered (over many years, sometimes from rock shows) with my maternal grandmother, Garden of the Gods in Colorado, The Painted Desert, The Badlands, Grand Canyon, Royal Gorge, Petoskey agates, my rock tumblers, Crazy Horse, caves in Maquoketa and the western states. The exhibits at Drake University, Dallas County, and all the museums the kids I slowly wandered through during their childhood. The earth that I dig around my house for planting. The soil dance that Laura set on Women in Motion in April. Rocks that were painted by kids. Ledges State Park. The material that materials science engineers process. They all humble me and let me know that I am just one tiny piece of God’s creation. I AM ENOUGH.

And, this is the first time I intentionally drew a right profile — SO HARD. ohmygosh. quite.un.natural. whew — glad it’s finished.

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