Our State Fair is a great State Fair

I dropped off state fair entries last night. It’s fun to visit the fairgrounds in the week leading up to opening day — no crowds, no fighting at spraygrounds and playgrounds, in-progress exhibits — all fun to compare to the fair after opening day arrives.

Here I am, loading up. I’m hoping that next year (which would be ahem, my third attempt), will be my year to enter the observation hive that I inherited from Manford’s family.

The butter exhibit progress is always fun to watch.

Here is a table. Compared to what was there before, I am pleased to see this upgrade. Thank you, Dave. (He also trimmed out the honey display with some gorgeous hexagon combs.Just to the right of the table is the display case for Frames of Honey (I think the upper frame is Class 13 and the lower three frames are Class 12). Once the backlight is on, I’m sure this will be very pretty.Lastly, on my way out of the Ag Building, I had to photograph the FarmHer booth. It’s been fun to watch Marji’s company grow. I think the Ag Building makes a lot of sense. I remember seeing her table in the Food building once and it seemed out of place. This is a better fit. (There is also a FarmHer marketplace south of here, same building.)

Here is the side of the FarmHer booth last year. (Yes, that is me in the foreground. Yes, that is also me in the exhibit, lower left. Yes, my hair is currently longer, thanks for noticing. It’s the longest it’s been in two years. I grew it out to its current length to make beekeeping easier. Are the bees in charge of me?)

What is your favorite thing about the Iowa State Fair?

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