I was asked to share a video of a dance that I recently learned. Before I do so, I would like to add a few thoughts about my experience with modern dance.

  1. There is no substitute for dance. When we moved to our current house and I was looking for fitness classes at a gym to replace dance classes in a studio, we found that there is no such thing. The simultaneous mental and physical challenge just doesn’t exist in a fitness class.
  2. I love partnerwork — giving and taking weight, assisting and being assisted
  3. I love levels — high levels: leaping, jumping, hopping, and low levels: floorwork, as in sliding, all kinds of rolling, falling
  4. I love the challenge, but I probably sound like I’m complaining about it — Probably because non-dancers can’t relate in sympathetic fashion.
  5. There is nothing like performing to live music. I was blessed to dance at Westminster Church a couple years in a row back in the early 2000’s. Love love loved being able to dance to live music (vocal and instrumental).
  6.  This most recent dance is unlike most dances I’ve done. Very little locomotion, no technical turns, no extreme level or dynamic energy changes, but the upper/lower body coordination and memory work — whew! The audience can’t tell how difficult it is, but oh. my. gosh. It’s exercise for the brain — nonstop, two minutes of movement and direction changes.

So here you go, Masha.

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