Exploring DC :: Part 2 (official business)

I worked in DC last week. I thought I’d share a few interesting shots. Generally speaking, congressmen had cramped offices, senators had spacious offices. Having scheduled appointments helps to only a certain extent, because when the lawmakers are in session, they could be called away at anytime, but at least they can prepare for your presence.

When the weather is crappy, or when you’re just done with security checks at one. more. building. >ugh<  you might use the tunnel. The Senate side has a trolley. The House side is all walking. I thought it was nice that we had student artwork to brighten the tunnel.
See behind me? Each office has a U.S. Flag on one side and the relevant state flag on the other (minimum. there can be more flags.). I look for the flag of the state of the lawmaker I want to visit to speed things up. This behavior is how I could tell that I was working and not leisurely visiting. And see my lip color? I almost had to arm wrestle my kid to take it on the trip. (colourpop’s more better. love the product and color, no lipstick sealer necessary!)
Our AirBnb didn’t appear to have recycling, but our government buildings did. They seem a little small in capacity for the amount of traffic they have, but maybe the loads are small. Or the maintenance is frequent.
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