Exploring DC :: Part 5 (Geocaching)

GC6E1WY Women who know no boundaries (see last image)

This blog began as a geocaching blog, so how appropriate that I found a cache last week! Maybe I should make a new goal — find a cache in all 50 states. I’m working on finding a cache in all 99 counties….

The Society of Woman Geographers International Headquarters was a short walk from the Capitol and the house where our networking event would be held. I don’t feel right publishing a photo of the container itself, but I will say that it was charming.

This block seemed to be mixed use. The yellow townhouse to the left was a book shop. Right up my alley, but I really wanted to try at least one networking event, so I didn’t stop.

I did take a peek through the glass door and like what I saw — piles of books on the floor! I think you can click on the photo to enlarge it if you want to see it with your own eyes — piles of books on the floor.

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