Exploring DC :: Part 6 (last thoughts)

I think nothing has really changed about DC over the years!

However, this is the first visit I made where attending daily mass was on my to-do list. (I have attended holy day masses in DC.) I didn’t get a chance this year because of work. We were very compressed in the scheduling department. I noticed that there is no 7 a.m. or 8 a.m. mass like we have at home. There were very few places offering noon mass, and that was my hope. I will stick it on my to-do list for next time.

We were staying near the very large Gonzaga High School complex. No access to the church, which I thought was odd. I tried. But I understand when students are involved, there are safety issues. Evidently there is 7:30 daily mass, and the chapel (unsure of location in the complex) is “frequently available for quiet prayer,” so maybe I should have tried a different door. Calling during school hours wasn’t very feasible. Maybe they could get info on the sign for me by next year.

Another to-do list item on this trip was eating at an NDFU restaurant, which I was excited to do my first night with our next door neighbor’s daughter! Here is the silverware at Founding Farmers, Foggy Bottom:

Not clear on what these stamps mean, but they are distinct. I’m sure I would have gotten an answer, but it was too loud for me to ask.

I’d also like to have free time with more pleasant weather because the trees on the Capitol Grounds have great signage and it looks like a cool specimen collection, many of them with a story. I also found a lime tree — pinned it with Falling Fruit!

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