Honesty: A view into my messy van

the back of julia's car
Let’s face it: My life is revealed in the contents of my van. (I had a car until 1998ish.)

I embrace the contents of my van because it shows that I get to do what I love and carry it with me. Car seats (my kids), sweep nets (bugs), buckets (multipurpose for bugs, water/dirt/sand play, foraging), picnic gear (eating at leisure because we have priorities), sketch books (art and studies), geocaching gear (exploring the world in a new way), boots (people hate when you walk in their store with muddy shoes), bees (they have to get around some way), dirt or mulch or flooring (upgrades to have a pleasant living area. vehicle design limits have been tested) — you name it. If I love it, it will find it’s way into my car.

So this week’s contents revealed: pitchforks (for moving stuff), chainsaw (for cutting stuff), value-added products and supplies (for a show and tell), a fruit picker (the handle will never be long enough, even when I change handles), boots (see above), umbrella (you never know with Iowa weather), a few discs (just in case), and yoga mats (I’m always a drop-in to class kind of gal). Everything else is bee gear. And I good with all that. I love all of the activities that I do with these things.

What’s in your car today? Tell me about your life.

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