Choose the fun hat

A few of my hats. A year-end review appeared in my feed. Go ahead and click. It’s a short read that informs today’s post.

I wear many hats — one for beekeeping, one for parenting, and many for land use (which I view as the same as social justice). I got rid of a few hats, which meets my goal in “The cut.” However, one hat in particular got bigger, and I like it. (I was also asked to consider two new hats [aka jobs] in the past month. I declined.)

I asked my mom what she thought about me dropping some activities and expanding others. I thought she was going to say something practical like, “Will you make money?” but instead, she asked, “Would you enjoy it?”

Wow! Am I having fun? How could I have neglected fun? Of course fun needs to be included in my criteria! So now my list looks like:

  1. tangible impact on my immediate world
  2. impact to last for the next seven generations
  3. potential for personal growth 
  4. at least three of the circles in the graphic from last month
  5. little to no energy vampires
  6. organizational support/structure
  7. fun/enjoyment

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