Checking in on tough cuts and fun hats

I’ve lived for a couple months without a few activities and everything is going well all around. I volunteered in 8 groups back in October, and cut out half by the end of November.

I have two thoughts on cutting my volunteer work in half. First, I can contact my networks from any group whether I’m still volunteering or not and second, I’m still meeting new people in the groups I stayed with. So my people quotient is being met with less groups. I have availability to spend more time and have a deeper relationship with members of all the groups in which I’m still involved. With more quantity and higher quality time post-cut, and I’m still finding myself with time to spare at the end of the day. My weekends are glorious. I still keep the following in mind in my activities:

  1. tangible and positive impact on my immediate world
  2. impact to last for the next seven generations
  3. potential for personal growth
  4. at least three of the circles in the graphic below
  5. little to no energy vampires
  6. organizational support/structure
  7. fun/enjoyment
four ball caps
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