I’ve written almost yearly on balance, goals, and resolutions. I thought I’d pop in quickly on the same topic. An episode of By the Book had me nodding my head over the idea that I can accomplish things in only three out of four areas of life in any one day. My four areas of life are family, friends, fitness, and work.

julia and two computer monitors

And for a couple weeks, this is idea of being maxed out at three things per day has been very true. I have not put forth energy for fitness and good eating. (Partly due to plantar fasciitis, but I know plenty of ways to work around it.) However, my side gigs (work), friends, and family have me feeling soooo goooood!

Side gigs/work (see photo above): This morning, I am hoping to wrap up most of the nomination cycle for 1000 Friends of Iowa Best Development Awards. The nominations are astounding and uplifting! This is the push weekend for prospects and they are rising to the call in an excellent manner. If I can incorporate work with friends and family, I might be able to get all four areas into a day. Something to think about.

Friends: Sharing high emotions with others makes the highs even higher! I am thankful that I can do this with work AND social relationships. I see the push-pull of fitness with the other areas of life over one day’s time especially when it comes to friends. I think the solution may be to have fitness WITH friends and family. Hmmm.

Family: Sunday dinner was a thing in my young adulthood, and my young adult children accept my offer of Sunday dinner regularly. And mobile devices with good service are great for staying in touch with my other family members as much or as little as I need — love that! I am happy with this area “as is.”

What four areas of life do your days include?

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