Life at a distance

So practices for dealing with corona virus have arrived in the 515.

Negative outcomes from covid-19:

  • No gatherings of 10 or more people. Church services are cancelled.
  • Staying 6′ apart from others. I’ve cancelled my traditional Sunday dinners.
  • Indefinitely postponed events

Ways that I am dealing with negative outcomes:

  • Watching church by livestream. I cannot stand the pre-recorded videos (ugh!) and it’s the closest I can get to receiving the Eucharist. I’d love to have a live Sat. service, but haven’t found one. The habit of morning readings has been ongoing since a few Lenten seasons ago, but Sunday!
  • On-demand workouts. My new gym sent a lovely collection of ways to exercise at home. No longer restricted to someone else’s schedule!
  • Using the telephone. I grew up in the country. I didn’t have a friend or group of friends who could walk a few blocks to visit for a couple hours. I’m used to the telephone.
  • Extending the season. That’s what I’m calling dance workshops, race training, etc. I will take longer to prepare for my postponed large group events — dance performances and at least one 5k race in which my family and I were hoping to participate.
  • Distractions! I have never been one to sit and watch television, but I will watch modern dance videos at times. If you have a spare 20 minutes, here is lovely video by Bill T. Jones (what a name he was in the 1990’s!) that my choreographer (his former rehearsal director #spoleto) sent. Its title is spot-on for today “Shared Distance”: I really love athletic, physical partnering works like this one, both being in them and watching them.
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