Life changes — my empty nest has re-populated since college closed at Spring Break. This has caused my grocery habits to change a bit. “I” of GAIN eats cereal and likes snacks at all times. I went to the place where my honey producer and home cook roles overlap and made granola to fulfill both the cereal and snack void in my pantry. The recipe didn’t last a week (and she was the main consumer!).

I started out with the dry ingredients in one bowl dry granola ingredients and wet ingredients in another wet ingredients for granola. I liked putting the cinnamon (a dry ingredient) in the wet bowl to serve as an indicator of thorough mixing. Honey is only sweetener for this recipe, and it isn’t over-sweet.

After I mixed the wet and dry, I poured everything onto two pans — julia pours granola onto pans

I baked and stirred until the granola was crispy. It didn’t get crunchy-crisp with its ratio of wet to dry ingredients.


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