Enough with the skinny talk

A couple times this last week, my participation in a wellness program was questioned. It appeared that the thought was, “If you are thin, you have no need to participate in activities that further your education, support, and morale to stay thin.”

My response to one of the criticizers: “That is a shit thing to say.”

Life is made of practices. If I am a certified teacher, do I quit learning about being a good teacher? No, in fact, the state requires that I keep learning and have to submit proof that I am still practicing. If I have been baptized, do I get a free pass for attending church for the rest of my life? Not in my world. Practicing – practicing yoga, martial arts, or any chosen activity – regardless of past achievements, is made of habits and continuous learning to deepen and widen my appreciation and knowledge of a subject.

If I engage in a dangerous or criminal or morally wrong practice, go ahead and question me. But for healthy, safe, and morally right activities, keep your judging thoughts to yourself. Just because I may look like I’m done with my journey, that doesn’t mean that I should, can, and will quit my practice.

(If you have a different thought behind your comment and question go ahead and ask it. I might respond positively if you say, “I’m interested in your motivation to participate,” or “What is your goal?” or anything more appropriate than, “Clearly you don’t need to lose weight.”)

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