Iowa Nice

As my dad’s inurnment nears, I want to feature this hat. Outside of the brand itself, which shines a light on women in agriculture, this hat represents “care for each other” to me.

I vibe with FarmHer. It’s a small Iowa business, just like my mother’s side of the family, which has always included self-employment. I strive for shopping small and local when it makes sense. When my mourning-and-grieving email auto-response kicked out to FarmHer, I ended up with this hat about a week later. The packing slip read, “We got an out of office email response and we are sorry to hear about your father. Here is a little something from us to try to brighten your day.”

This hat feels like a community hug. In a time when I can’t give or receive a group hug, I can wear this hat. And let this post be a virtual hug over the internet from me to you!

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