I believe in local small business

I’ve consumed a lot of training in marketing over the years from my involvement in non-profit organizations and as a contractor/business owner. Some times I am presented with ideas for new practices because the world changes. An example would be the evolving role of the internet in our lives and the rise of social media. Other times I am presented with ideas for old practices that need revisiting as I evolve. Today, I revist the ideas of the “what” and the “why” of my business — both have changed multiple times over the years. Currently, my business is beekeeper education and honey production.

My what is 1) backyard beekeeper education and 2) lavender honey production

My how is 1) bridging current Midwestern research with practical backyard operation — I have belonged to the IPM4Bees Midwest Working Group since its inaugural year, 2019; and continually learn from the academics and the boots on the ground operators; and 2) keeping bees on a lavender farm with conservation-minded land owners.

My why is 1) the value I place on combining local and regional data with hyperlocal practices to produce honest, local food and sustainable apiaries and 2) I was raised in a family of intergenerational small businesses.

TLDR: I believe in local small business and local food.

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