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working on my “why”

I’m still working through _Start with Why_ by Simon Sinek and find that I’ve stayed true to my personal mission or goal statement for years. I didn’t have a personal mission statement for most of my life, but at some point, I got very intentional. From reading the book, I’m thinking that perhaps a “why” for the different parts of my life need a check-up to ensure that I’m working toward my mission in all of my activities.

So beekeeping, teaching, contracting, mom-ing, practicing my faith, volunteering and vice-president-ing, exercising, household things, and all the stuff I do — I want to run an audit. My hope is having auto-pilot operations that are intentionally in line with my why and eliminating or evolving the activities that conflict with the why. If I’m doing things that don’t support my mission, they will keep me from reaching it.

I used to review and create goals every June (before homeschool conventions) and I moved this activity to Lent or New Years, but since 2019, I’ve gotten more frequent and less regular in it. I think my self-improvement time has increased because my kids are out of the house. What is the last goal you set and attained for yourself?