honey, beeswax pastilles, beeswax bars, natural lip balm

Honey, Wax, and Lip Balm

Buying my products means working WITH nature. I teach my beekeeping students to do the same.

Please send an email using the link in the top left corner for these products. My online shop is not prepared to sell physical products right now.

honey in canning jars and bottles shaped like bears


Honey sales for 2023 will begin in Sept. To pre-order, send an email to reserve the amount you anticipate needing with the link above.

beeswax pastilles with penny for scale

Wax Pastilles

Wax from my bees melts very quickly as pastilles and are much easier than grating a bar or block of beeswax. Perfect for small batches. Sold in 1 oz cellophane bags. $1.50 each

three tubes of lip balm

Lip Balm

Unflavored, uncolored, hand poured, made from my local wax and either almond or sunflower oil. Pollinator Lip balm weighs the standard 0.15 oz. and is priced under $3.

bars of bees wax

Beeswax Bars

For display (wonderful smell) or making something wonderful, these beeswax bars are approximately 1 oz by weight. $1/oz

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