A Beekeeper's Year (prairie edition) Calendar, Phenology Planner

Calendar, A Beekeeper’s Year (prairie edition)

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Are you missing nectar flows? What bee-loving plants could you add during periods of dearth?

A Beekeeper’s Year (prairie edition) Calendar was designed to encourage beekeepers to work with nature and get answers to those questions above.

The Calendar combines beekeeping chores with relevant phenology events. It shows information on a low text, visual reference guide with chronological tables with words only on one side (phenology on the left and beekeeping chores on the right) and calendar with the same information shown visually on the reverse. 

Designed to give quick reassurance to your own observations in the Phenology Planner, A Beekeeper’s Year Calendar is a large-sized reference guide that comes on thick, water resistant cardstock. It comes folded for convenient storage. Free while supplies last thanks to grant funds. 

Let me know if you find it helpful — I’d love to share your feedback with the funders!

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