Accountability Pods

Wish you felt more sure about your bees?

You are not alone!

I was there once, too. I help beekeepers like you get confident in their skills. In an Accountability Pod, you’ll have a supportive community that understands your situation and draws upon experience to help you.

If you

  • Aren’t sure what to do during an inspection
  • Want to know if something looks normal
  • Frequently want help thinking through a hive situation
  • Are comfortable with online meetings

then an Accountability Pod could be a perfect solution for you.


I may also gather a PARENT POD … because I once had a youth scholarship student and had NO IDEA how to help her in her beekeeping journey.


group of beekeepers and an open bee hive

Accountability Pod Details

I have facilitated many gatherings over the years in the local food system and witnessed how strong networks empower individuals. I want that for you.
  • Pods begin April 4, 2024, just in time for first full inspections
  • Held mostly on Thursday evenings as frequently as you desire
  • Ask Me Anything technical assistance
  • Build a solid foundation via online meetings and in-person hive inspections
  • Free pod sessions held occasionally, watch this space for dates and times

If you aren’t sure if an Accountability Pod would be right for you, drop me a line.

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