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Bee plant phenology planner

I realized a while ago that honey bees connect me to everything.

  • As a consumer, bees connect me to table food
  • As a beekeeper, bees connect me to nature, making observations for year-round forage and other cues for good animal husbandry
  • As a producer, bees connect me to the agricultural and retail food system and respective networks
  • As a hobbyist, bees connect me to my family and community
  • As a teacher, bees connect me to community members and nonprofit leadership

Combining all of these roles put me in a place to create a new project. It is nameless to date, but the end product will be a reference book, a field guide planner, a phenology bee task organizer, and resource for Iowa beekeepers (and surrounding counties). While I’m struggling with a book title, I am finding it easy to answer common questions. 


Watch this first. Video presentation:

UPDATE 3/15/2021: No $10 incentives for “first reports.” Despite one review panelist thinking the incentive ought to be higher, the budget people say incentives are not allowed. I know everyone wants to participate without incentive anyway…….

I would love for you to share this project with fellow nature lovers. We’ll get a more complete picture of the state with more contributors — thank you!

Do you want photos of all the trees and plants that my bees are using, native and non-native? YES. All photos will help get us as complete a picture of forage as possible. Native and non-native are welcome submissions. Everyone submitting an event will get a copy of the book (free or very low cost).

Do you want non-plant information? YES. I want bird migrations, frog calls, daylight hours, all the things. >click for my contact form<

Do you want photos from outside Iowa? If your observations are in a surrounding county that touches the Iowa border, YES.

What if I use a cue from nature that is not photograph-able? I am extremely interested! Send me email with your phone number and we can talk. >click for my contact form<

When will I get my book? As soon as humanly possible. I aim to get books distributed in time to use for the 2022 season.

How can this book be free or very low cost? Funds were secured through a Farmer Rancher Grant FNC21-1289, a program of North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education to print the book. Once I know how many books need printing, I will look at the budget category and set a price if necessary (after Oct. 2021). Priority Shipping by USPS was included in the budget proposal.

Will you take a donation? YES, I would take a check for my nonprofit Forest Avenue Outreach (FAO). Digital donations would go through Good Vibes, a division of FAO — either an online donation or venmo to goodvibesmovement. The donation would mostly likely go toward updating A donation of $20 will get an average of four cities updated.

What if I want to get the book without sending a photo and/or get extra copies? Send your information and I will reach out after Oct. 2021 with a price. >click here for contact form<

Here is that video again: