Phenology planner for beekeepers

Thank you to everyone who sent photos! I received more data than I had pages, so I will slowly get your data points moved to this website.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

When can I get a Phenology Planner? I typically need two days to get your order in the mail. I will continue until there is no inventory left. (I have 200 planners left out of the original batch of 750.)

How can this book be free? Funds were secured through a Farmer Rancher Grant, FNC21-1289, a program of North Central Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education to print the book. Shipping through Media Mail by USPS was included in the budget proposal. 

Will you take a donation? YES. Many people have asked. I don’t know if people weird about taking free things or uncomfortable about receiving a planner to use as a gift, but I get it, especially for the few of you who aren’t in the state or a surrounding county. I’ve also had a couple of you say that I’ve done so much for the community that they want to recognize that by paying for the planner. (I’m flattered, thank you.) Since I am not an organization, let’s call it a cash barter. The barter would mostly likely go toward updating (I know you’re curious, so go ahead and click on the URL to open a new tab). A barter of $15 will get 2 – 4 cities updated. >Click here for a cash barter.< Thank you!

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