Continuing Education

julia teaching beekeeping 101

beekeeping classes in person

Beekeeping 101 (January), Beekeeping 201 (January), and Winter Beekeeping (July) are offered through Johnston Community Education. All courses include an in-person group hive inspection. 101 is certified with the Great Plains Master Beekeeping Program. Registration currently closed.

julia teaching beekeeping 101

beekeeping classes on demand

Winter Beekeeping –

Available JULY AND AUGUST 2022 

come back next year

logo of des moines backyard beekeepers

monthly bee club meetings

My local bee club is the Des Moines Backyard Beekeepers and it has a website. We hold monthly meetings all year and when it’s warm out, I lead group hive inspections. Confident beekeepers is my goal!

chelsea and julia with bees

private facebook group

As long as you answer the easy entry questions, you can engage with more than 1000 members and have access to collections of files and photos dating from 2013 to the present.

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When you can’t get to club meetings and Facebook isn’t your thing (or even if you can and it is), sign up for my free, once a month email. If you’re on the fence about getting more email, I completely understand. But first, read Val’s review:

“Julia is passionate about bees, and it shows in every project and communication that she gets involved in!  She sends out informative emails that provide essential information on what a beekeeper should focus on, based on the time of the year.  Her content is written in a manner that makes you feel like you are sitting with her, having a conversation!  I highly recommend getting on her distribution list if you aren’t already!”