Cutouts with Ben

Ben, holding honey comb during a ceiling cutout of honey bees

Cutouts are the term we use for honey bee colonies that are ‘cut out’ from a built structure. You can see Ben, here, performing a cutout in the ceiling of a house.

Current plans are to identify a property owner who will let us use their property to train beekeepers to do cutouts in exchange for paying a fee. As soon as arrangement can be made, we will get the date and time published along with other details.

Like the other two field days for splits and wet grafting, this will be held on a Saturday and include a meal. A  $20 deposit will hold your place and be returned after participation.

Ben Hoksch is a foraging instructor, local food provider, ecologist, and general Iowa enthusiast among other things.

He has managed the central Iowa swarm call list for the last few years. By keeping bees for 5 years and doing professional honey bee removals for 3, Ben offers a wide and deep range of experience to share.