getting to my core

You can get the resume type of stuff over at LinkedIn or on my old bio page. My resume is diverse for a unique experience.

What I really want to talk about on this page is WHY. The answer to 1) why I am here and 2) why I do bee stuff is FUN. I started blogging because it was fun. Keeping my extended family up to date got them to start chitchatting with me. I started teaching about honey bees because beekeeping is fun, especially when your bees stay alive. My mom and I discussed keeping life fun, right as Labor Day weekend 2021 arrived (and we did this back in 2018, too).

I choose to spend my time and money in alignment with my values, so I also want you to know that I run a homeshare-style AirBnb where $1 from every night’s stay goes to the Sustainable Iowa Land Trust and another $1 to rotating religious charities.

julia frame of bees

photo by Makenna Chapman
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