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beekeeping + phenology = responsible honey

When you buy my honey and lip balm, when you use my phenology guides for beekeepers, we are working together for good air and water quality and choice level perennials in the ground.

You see, I grew up in the country. Excellent air and water quality and appropriate land use motivate me. Combining my love of beekeeping with that motivation led to honey, lip balm, teaching,, A Phenology Planner for Beekeepers, and A Beekeeper’s Year (prairie edition) Calendar.

I choose to spend my time and money in alignment with my values, so I also want you to know that I run a homeshare-style AirBnb where $1 from every night’s stay goes to the Sustainable Iowa Land Trust and another dollar to rotating religious charities.

My resume type of stuff can be found at LinkedIn. My resume is diverse for a unique experience.

julia frame of bees

photo by Makenna Chapman

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