Exploratory Beekeeping: July 26,  2023 FREE! East Side Library THANKS FOR COMING

Beekeeping 101: In-Person

Check back in Dec 2023 – Jan. 2024

Winter Beekeeping: In-Person

July 6 – 27, 2023  – registration closed

Beekeeping 201: Anticipating

In-Person Feb. 2024


Exploratory Beekeeping can be booked for your group. This talk consists of a couple hours of considerations and take-home materials for people curious and wondering if beekeeping is for them. Contact me to book.


Beekeeping 101. The textbook is optional and needs to be purchased on your own if desired. Beekeeping 101 will get you on your way to Apprentice Beekeeping with the Great Plains Master Beekeeper ProgramMy backbone slides come from the State Apiarist and are updated every year with new information presented in trade magazines and my beekeeping and agriculture associations. 

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