Grafting with Tyler

Tyler Lane in a bee suit
Thank you, this was great to try it. I wanted to focus and learn grafting this year. I tried once but failed because I didn't manipulate the hive appropriately. This class was great and I'm excited to go home and give it a proper go. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise!
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2023 Grafting Learning Circle Participant

Grafting is one of many ways for beekeepers to raise their own queens. It can be especially helpful when you want to raise a specific quantity of queens to be ready for installation by a certain date.


Our Grafting Learning Circle will be held:


Saturday, June 8, 2024

10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Big Oak Barn in Elkhart


Seats available: 15 

Waiting list seats available: 5

Total cost $150: $75 deposit collected now; $75 due June 1.

Tyler Lane is the owner of Amanita Apiaries, a Des Moines-based beekeeping operation focused on honey production. As stay-at-home mom turned beekeeper, she was awarded a grant focused on the impact of mushroom extracts on viral levels in production honey bee colonies, and spent the majority of 2020 navigating the project during a pandemic. Diversifying her small business has lead to the additions of a queen breeding program, California almond pollination, and community outreach, and education.


A mentorship under Jason Foley of Foley’s Russian Bees started her interest in queen breeding in 2018, and expanded to running her own mating yard and genetic projects through the years since. 

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